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Web Filter as Virtual Appliance

If you need a complete web filtering proxy solution for your business please take a look at Web Safety - deep content inspection web filtering plugin for Squid running on Linux / FreeBSD / pfSense and Windows (virtualized).

Web Safety is a deep content inspection web filter (based on ICAP) that directly plugs into Squid proxy. This allows it to filter URLs and do deep content inspection of encrypted HTTPS traffic. Encrypted explicit content is blocked easily.

Organize proxy users into groups based on IP addresses, subnets, user names or security group memberships in Microsoft Active Directory. Each group gets its own filtering exceptions and blocking rules. Authenticate your domain users using Kerberos, NTLM or Basic LDAP.

Perform deep content inspection of web pages and block everything containing adult explicit language and links to questionable content. General purpose web sites (Google Search, Google Images, Bing or YouTube) are filtered as well and all inappropriate content is blocked.

Monitor user web traffic and build extensive reports that include visited and blocked sites, user activities, used bandwidth and prohibited domain categories. Save reports locally as HTML or PDF files or send them by email.